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Safety training for construction & more

Whether you’re working in construction, infrastructure, utilities or the mining industry, safety is critical. Learn the skills to keep you and your team safe on site.

Safety & Inductions

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Standard 11 – Generic Mining Surface Induction

This Mining Induction Course provides you with a pathway to enter the mining industry in Australia.

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Verification of Competency (VOC)

A Verification of Competency (VOC) is an assessment of a persons knowledge and skills.

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Perform Inspection

This course covers the requirements for those who are required to inspect working at heights safety equipment such as harnesses, lanyards, energy absorbers, inertia reels and carabiners as part of the requirements in AS1891.

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Fire Warden & Extinguisher

This course is designed for those who wish to become an effective workplace fire wardens and demonstrate the use of portable fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire blankets.

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Pedestrian Operated Forklift / Pallet Truck

This course covers the use of pedestrian operated forklifts or pallet trucks.

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Manual Handling

This course covers risk management for those who undertake manual handling tasks as part of their work.

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Asbestos Awareness

This course will provide the knowledge to know what asbestos is, where it is likely to be found, health risks and what to do once asbestos is identified.

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Chain of Responsibility (Level 1)

This unit is generally for G involves the skills and knowledge required to ensure the safety of transport activities.


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Chain of Responsibility (Level 2)

This unit is aim at Managers & Supervisors it involves the skills and knowledge required to monitor the safety of transport activities.

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Use Explosive Power Tools

This course specifies the skills and knowledge required to safely and effectively operate explosive power tools (EPTs) using explosive charges in a magazine to fasten materials or fix fasteners to bases.

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General Induction Card (White Card)

The unit of competency specifies the mandatory work health and safety training required prior to undertaking construction work.

From $97.00

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Pilesafe Rig Operators Training Course

This course is the Piling & Foundation Specialists Federation (PFSF) course to obtain and PileSafe Rig Operator licence.

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Low Voltage Rescue & Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (LVR/CPR)

This Perform Low Voltage Rescue and CPR (LVR CPR) refresher course covers the skills and knowledge to maintain competency to Perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in line with the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) Guidelines.

From $129.00

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First Aid & CPR

This course covers the skills and knowledge to provide temporary assistance in a medical emergency situation until professional rescuers arrive and assumes responsibility for the victim.

From $175.00

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Breathing Apparatus

This unit will provide a sound knowledge and skill base required to operate and maintain breathing apparatus and equipment in an irrespirable atmosphere as defined by Australian Standards

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Electrical Awareness ‘Safety Observer’

This working safely near live electrical lines and apparatus (electrical safety observer) course is designed to give Non-Electrical Workers and understanding of electricity and safe working practices when required to perform duties within the vicinity of live electrical apparatus.


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Use Hand And Power Tools

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to use hand and power tools in the resources and infrastructure industries.

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T0911 Electrical Awareness

This electrical spotter course provides the participants with the knowledge and skills required to work near the Energex overhead electricity network.

From $495.00

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Work Safely at Heights

This height safety training course is ideal for civil, infrastructure & mining industries. Learn how to use height safety equipment & minimise risk.

From $227.00

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Health and Safety Representative (HSR)

Get your qualification with Kallibr Training and become a Health and Safety Representative. Help make your workplace safer for you and your colleagues.

From $697.00

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EWP Escape & Rescue (EDD) Course

Get a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment in performing safe and controlled escape and rescue from a EWP or elevating work platform.

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2 Day Confined Space Training – Breathing Apparatus & Issue Permits

This confined space course will allow you to identify, plan, enter and work in confined spaces, plus give you authority to issue work permits.

From $497.00

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1 Day Hazard Analysis & Issue Work Permit Course

Learn the skills required to assess and identify hazardous work environments, and issue the appropriate work permits or clearances.

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1 Day Confined Space Entry Training with Gas test atmospheres

This 1 day confined space training course will equip you to work in confined spaces and accurately gas test atmospheres.

From $225.00

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