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Safely rig scaffolding on every site, from small jobs through to complex civil and infrastructure projects.


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access 1 Days

Swing Stage (User)

This course applies to persons who are required to use swing stage scaffolds for a range of workplace functions.

access 2-3 Days

Personnel and Materials Hoist

Successfully completing this course will allow you to operate a builder’s hoist in which personnel, goods and/or materials may be hoisted.

From $775.00

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access 1 Days

EWP Yellow Card

Get your Yellow Card qualification with Kallibr. This ticket will enable you to safely operate a scissor lift or boom type EWP under 11m.

From $295.00

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access 5 Days

Intermediate Scaffolding Licence

This intermediate scaffolding ticket qualifies you to set up and dismantle cantilever crane loading platforms, gantries, mast climbers and more.

From $1,495.00

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access 5 Days

Basic Scaffolding Licence

Understand how to safely rig scaffolding and working platforms to safely and efficiently access work. Training on how to erect & dismantle scaffolding.

From $1,395.00

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access 5 Days

Advanced Scaffolding Licence

Level up your skills with an advanced scaffolding ticket. Ideal for scaffolding contractors working on large or complex civil and infrastructure projects.

access 3 Days

Elevated Work Platform (Boom type EWP over 11m)

Elevating work platforms & boom lifts require a Class WP High Risk Work licence. Train with Kallibr and get a nationally recognised qualification.

From $695.00

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access safety 1 Days

EWP Escape & Rescue (EDD)

Get a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment in performing safe and controlled escape and rescue from a EWP or elevating work platform.

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