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Course Description:

This course covers all the requirements for obtaining a national High Risk Work Licence (Class WP) for boom-type elevating work platforms.

Successfully completing this course will allow you to operate any boom-type elevating work platform, including self-propelled, trailer mounted and truck mounted boom lifts with a height or reach of 11m or more within Australia.


Public courses are available at Kallibr Training (RTO 32365) facilities in Sydney and Brisbane. In Victoria, this course can only be run at privately at your location.

Private training can be organised and conducted onsite if the following training and assessment requirements are met:

  • A room with access to power, a blank wall for presentation, a projector screen or a large TV, table/s and chairs.
  • Boom lift in serviceable condition (no faults and up to date service history).
  • Clear flat operating area for practical training

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Course Outline

  • Available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane
  • Onsite training available
  • Nationally recognised
  • Group discounts available
  • Online booking available

Course Availability & Pricing

Please see our public course dates below. If there are no dates available or you would like to arrange a private course at your site or ours, then please select the ‘Private course’ button.

Course Outcomes

Learning Outcome

  • On completion of the course, participants will have gained the following skills and knowledge to:
  • Plan Operations: Hazard management and consultation
  • Pre-operational Inspections: EWP and associated equipment
  • Operate: Lifting to varying heights and travelling through obstacles
  • Conclude Operations: Parking, securing the equipment and following site specific procedures

Further Information

What is an Elevating Work Platform?

To operate a boom type elevating platform, you need a High Risk Work WP licence.

An elevating work platform uses a telescoping device, hinged device, articulated device or any combination of these to raise personnel, equipment or materials to perform work.

The length of the boom is the greater of either the:

  • vertical distance from the surface supporting the boom-type elevating work platform to the floor of the platform with the platform extended to its maximum height
  • horizontal distance from the centre point of the boom’s rotation to the outer edge of the platform with the platform extended to its maximum distance.

Note: elevated work platforms less than 11 metres in length are not included in this definition.

EWP over 11m course FAQ

  1. What Is an EWP Over 11m Licence?

An EWP (Elevated Work Platform) requires a special licence (WP licence) when operating over 11 metres (as the greater height this is considered higher risk work). That means skilled prior training and adherence to specific safety regulations and compliance is needed prior to applying for and obtaining the licence.

  1. Benefits of an EWP Over 11m Licence

Having this licence gives you an advantage because you will be able to reach higher platforms a standard ladder cannot. With an EWP over 11m licence you will be able to operate any boom-type elevated work platform that have a height/reach of 11m or more, including;

–   Self-propelled

–   Trailer-mounted

–   Truck-mounted boom lifts

This is very useful on building sites, warehouses and other industries where working at ground level isn’t possible and lifting people to a higher level to effectively work is required.

  1. What You Will Learn in an EWP Over 11m Course

This course is designed for new or experienced operators who want to work with EWPs at heights/reaches over 11m. There is a key focus on safety compliance to reduce any potential danger or risks you may encounter on the job.

After successfully completing the course, you will be equipped with the knowledge required to apply for your HRW licence. Some of the key learning experiences of this course include:

  Safety compliance, including risk + hazard assessment and personal protective equipment

  Planning and preparing work

  Inspecting and preparing the work site

  Setting up, securing and shutting down the EWP

  Operating an EWP

  Conducting checks and maintenance on equipment

SafeWork/WorkSafe conditions of assessment:

  • Applicants to be at least 18 years of age.
  • Able to produce 100 points or more of identification as per the SafeWork NSW / WorkSafe QLD identification checklist.
  • Speak and understand English at a level to be able to participate in the training and assessment

Note: Verbal assessments can be arranged for applicants with writing and reading difficulties (extra charge applies)

Important Information

If a participant withdraws from a qualification/unit, with less than seven (7) business days notice prior to commencement, Kallibr Training reserves the right to retain the 30% administration booking fee.

No refund will be provided within two (2) business days prior to commencement. No refund will be permitted after course commencement or if a participant fails to attend on the scheduled commencement date.

A re-issue of Statement of Attainment certificates will incur a fee of $30.

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