Plant operators are responsible for operating heavy machinery used on construction, industrial and manufacturing sites. This can involve working on excavation, demolition, transporting materials, digging trenches and all kinds of other tasks.

If you’re already working in or around this field of work, you can improve your career prospects and potential for progression within your industry by upskilling on multiple types of equipment. A plant operator course is a great place to start without having to commit to a long-term training course.

What’s involved in a plant operator course?

Plant operator courses are offered by registered training organisations and generally run for 3 days with a theory and practical component.

The courses for operating equipment such as excavators, dozers, backhoes and rollers work on a Verification of Competency model – a type of training where you already know how to do the task, you just need a registered professional trainer to assess how you work and give you the tick of approval.

VOC courses are explained in more detail here. In short, a VOC is neither training nor accreditation, but an assessment for operators who already have their licence, ticket or previous training.

What short courses are available?

Kallibr Training (RTO 32365) runs a series of short 3-day Verification of Competency plant operator courses. These include the following courses which are held at various locations including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


Get assessed as competent to operate an excavator on construction sites. We issue a statement of attainment so you can get your excavator ticket.


Working on construction sites? Make sure you’ve got your statement of attainment for safely operating and maintaining a grader.

Skid Steer Loader

Get your Bobcat ticket with Kallibr Training – sign up for this course to get your skid steer loader licence with a VOC.


Get your statement of attainment in operating a scraper to safely load & dump materials. Get a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment.


Conduct roller operations safely by obtaining your statement of attainment. Be safe and efficient when operating a roller on site.

Front End Loader

Front-end loader tickets are vital for anyone operating equipment on site. Show competency and get your statement of attainment with Kallibr Training.


Demonstrate your competency in operating a dozer so you can get your Verification of Competency certificate and work safely and efficiently.


Get certified as a competent backhoe operator. Learn to load, carry and place materials, how to change attachments, and how to work safely.

You can view all the available plant operator courses here or contact our friendly team to find out more.