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Course Description:

Haul Truck training is appropriate for those working in operational roles. This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to operate, load, haul and dump materials using an articulated haul truck. This training applies to both front and rear dumping haul trucks.

Evidence is required to be collected that demonstrates a candidate’s competency in this training unit. Evidence must be relevant to the roles within this sector’s work operations and satisfy all of the requirements of the performance criteria. Licensing, legislative, regulatory and certification requirements that apply to this unit can vary between states, territories, and industry sectors, and must be sourced form state jurisdictions prior to applying this unit.

This is a nationally recognised qualification that qualifies you to safely operate a haul truck in the civil, mining and resources sector.


Public courses run at Kallibr Training (RTO 32365) location in Sydney.

Private training can be organised and conducted onsite if the following training and assessment requirements are met:

  • A room with access to power, a blank wall for presentation, a projector screen or a large TV, table/s and chairs.
  • Clear flat area for performing haul truck perations
  • Haul truck (in serviceable condition with operator’s manual present)

Course Outline

  • Available at Ingleburn
  • Onsite training available
  • Nationally recognised
  • Group discounts available
  • Online booking available

Course Availability & Pricing

Please see our public course dates below. If there are no dates available or you would like to arrange a private course at your site or ours, then please select the ‘Private course’ button.

Course Outcomes

Learning Outcome

This course covers the skills and knowledge required to competently operate an Articulated Dump Truck.

  • Plan and prepare for plant operations
  • Conduct pre-operational checks
  • Operate the item of plant
  • Lift, carry and place materials
  • Relocate the item of plant
  • Carry out machine operator maintenance
  • Conduct housekeeping activities


A nationally recognised Statement of Attainment.

Further Information

Are you a highly experienced operator?

We run 1-day earthmoving upgrade courses for experienced operators!

  • Duration: 1 day (8 hours)
  • Outcome: Statement of Attainment + a Verification of Competence VOC certificate.
  • Requirements: Students must hold an old OHS certification OR have 500+ hours of operational experience.

See below example of an old OHS certification:

OHS Certification Australia

What is an Articulated Haul Truck Ticket?

Unlike a regular/rigid truck, an articulated haul truck is designed to provide greater traction and flexibility and can handle a wider variety of conditions (like narrow/restricted turning) and terrain (uneven, rocky, wet, etc.).

If you’d like to be able to operate an articulated haul truck (also referred to as a dump truck), an employer requires evidence of your competency first.

You can achieve your proof of competency by successfully completing an Articulated Haul Truck Ticket training course at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) like Kallibr Training

During the course, you will receive specific training (including using real industry equipment and site conditions) to provide you with the learning experiences needed for operating an articulated haul truck.

Following the successful completion of a course, you will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment upon completion which can be used as proof of competency with articulated haul trucks with an employer.

Outcomes of Completing an Articulated Haul Truck Course

Below are the key outcomes you will learn throughout the duration of the course:

Prepare & Operate an Articulated Haul Truck:

  • Plan and prepare for plant operations
  • Conduct pre-operational checks for safety and functionality purposes
  • Operate the item of plant and become capable in relocating the item of plant
  • Learn to lift, carry and place materials

Articulated Haul Truck Safety:

  • Learn essential OH&S requirements
  • Risk management and control procedures

Articulated Haul Truck Maintenance & Housekeeping:

  • Carry out machine operator maintenance
  • Conduct housekeeping activities

Potential Articulated Haul Truck Jobs & Sites You Can Work On

You will have a wide range of choice in terms of roles and industries that use articulated haul trucks and require qualified operators. Here are some examples:

  • Mining 

Many mining sites that have inclines and uneven ground have a need for articulated haul truck operators to help load and move materials from the site and keep the area clear. 

You may also be required to move valuable mined minerals safely and securely and deal with heavy loads such as excess dirt. 

  • Quarrying

In a quarrying articulated haul truck role, you’ll be responsible for transporting large loads of stone and other heavy materials to and from the job site while navigating across uneven and/or rocky terrain, steep inclines and drops.

It can at times be an unpredictable environment – but one that you’ll have the skills and training to handle safely.

  • Construction & Infrastructure

Lots of construction sites and infrastructure projects require qualified articulated haul truck operators to assist with transporting all kinds of materials (dirt, soil, gravel and so on) around and away from the site. 

An Articulated Haul Truck Ticket will give you an advantage in the construction industry and finding skilled roles.

  • Landscaping / Forestry

Large-scale landscaping projects that need large quantities of gravel/dirt moved often hire articulated haul truck operators.

Similarly, the forestry industry relies on dump truck operators to help manoeuvre around tight off-road spaces (i.e., trees, rocks, hills, uneven terrain and so on). 

As an added benefit you’ll get to work outside in all kinds of conditions and enjoy nature as your office!

Important Information

If a participant withdraws from a qualification/unit, with less than seven (7) business days notice prior to commencement, Kallibr Training reserves the right to retain the 30% administration booking fee.

No refund will be provided within two (2) business days prior to commencement. No refund will be permitted after course commencement or if a participant fails to attend on the scheduled commencement date.

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