If you want to be able to work a forklift in Australia, you will need to complete training to achieve a High-Risk Work licence for operating a forklift. Undertaking a training course and applying for the licence is an easy process once you know what to do.

In this article, we will explore the differences between the two types of forklift licences, the LO and LF licences and what they permit you to do.

A quick guide for forklift operators

If you want to operate a forklift at work, you will need either an LO or an LF forklift licence. In this next section, we will explain what each one allows you to do, and how you can sign up for a forklift training course.

What does an LF forklift licence enable you to do?

An LF forklift licence allows you to safely operate a forklift truck, a machine that is equipped with a mast and an elevated load carriage, either with a pair of fork arms or another attachment. A forklift truck can lift loads into the air, usually pallets.

In a standard forklift, the operator controls the machine from inside and remains on the ground during its operation.

With an LF class forklift licence you will be permitted to operate any forklift, including counterbalance, reach and high reach forklifts within Australia. This also covers sideloading forklifts, truck-mounted forklifts, and all-terrain forklifts. With an LF licence, there is also no restriction on the size of forklift you can operate.

To acquire an LF forklift licence, we provide an LF forklift training course for operators in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Kallibr is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and our course covers all the requirements for obtaining a national High-Risk Work Licence Class LF for forklifts.

What Does an LO Forklift licence Enable You to do?

If you want to operate an order picking forklift truck, where the operator’s control lifts with the load carriage, you will need to acquire a separate high-risk work licence: an LO forklift licence.

An LO forklift licence permits you to operate an order picking forklift truck and a turret truck. In these forklifts, the operator picks the load from pallets at the height of the forklift carriage and places it onto their pallet until a goods order has been successfully collected.

Alternatively, in a turret truck, the entire pallet is retrieved but the operator is raised up into the air with the load carriage.

To operate this kind of forklift, you’ll need to get a LO class forklift licence, but first you’ll need to do a LO forklift training course at one of our training centres in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

Book forklift licence training with Kallibr

At Kallibr, we run weekly forklift licence training courses in and around Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. We also offer private group training sessions which can be conducted on-site at your convenience.

Our training and assessment specialists will evaluate your skills and knowledge under realistic workplace conditions. Following the completion of this course, you’ll get a statement of attainment, which will allow you to finalise the application process with your local workplace safety authority, who will send you your plastic wallet card forklift licence.

Want to enrol in a forklift training course?

Real equipment and site conditions are what you get when you train with Kallibr. Whether it’s at your site or ours, our realistic training conditions prepare you for the best outcomes on the job.

Give our team a call to discuss the different options or check out our website for pricing and course dates for forklift training.