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Course Description:

This course covers all the requirements for obtaining a national High Risk Work Licence (Class LF) for forklifts.

Successfully completing this course will allow you to operate any forklift, including counterbalance, reach trucks and high reach forklifts within Australia.


Public courses are available at Kallibr Training (RTO 32365) facilities in Sydney and Brisbane. In Victoria, this course can only be run at privately at your location.

Private training can be organised and conducted onsite if the following training and assessment requirements are met:

  • A room with access to power, a blank wall for presentation, a projector screen or a large TV, table/s and chairs.
  • Clear, flat operating area free from hazards.
  • Forklift (in serviceable condition with no faults and operator manual present)
  • 3 level pallet racking with three varied types of loads of minimum at a minimum of 250Kg

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Course Outline

  • Forklift training available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane
  • Forklift Onsite training available
  • Nationally recognised
  • Group discounts available
  • Online booking available

Course Availability & Pricing

Please see our public course dates below. If there are no dates available or you would like to arrange a private course at your site or ours, then please select the ‘Private courses’ button.

Course Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, participants will have gained the following skills and knowledge to:

  • Plan Operations: Hazard management and consultation
  • Pre-operational Inspections: forklift and associated equipment
  • Shift Loads: Lifting at varying heights and travelling through obstacles
  • Conclude Operations: Parking, securing the equipment and following site specific procedures


A nationally recognised Statement of Attainment TLILIC0003 – Licence to operate a forklift truck, and a High-Risk Work Licence (class WP) will be issued through the WHS authority in your jurisdiction. (SafeWork / WorkSafe)

Further Information

What is a forklift truck?

A Forklift Truck is an (electric or gas) powered equipment vehicle. It has a driving compartment and an elevating load carriage with an attached pair of metal “fork arms” at the front.

This fork at the front is used to insert under loads (such as cargo, pallets) in order to transport them more safely and efficiently over short distances. The “lift” part of the Forklift name refers to its capability to lift loads from its base (the driver isn’t elevated at any point).

The carriage moves up and down and can be raised upwards of 9m above the ground to easily transfer heavy and/or many loads. They are most commonly used for industrial purposes, for instance on worksites (construction), warehouses, factories, airports, shipping docks and more.

There are several different types of classifications, sizes and weight loads when it comes to Forklift Truck depending on the job requirements. All Forklifts can only be legally operated by a trained Forklift driver who has the correct licence.

LF Forklift Class Licence

In Australia there are two different types of Forklift licences based on the class of the Forklift:

  1. LO License

An LO Licence is required if you want to operate a Load Shifting Order Picker or turret truck/VNA (Very Narrow Aisle truck). Note: the LO Licence will only qualify you to operate the above class of Forklift Truck.

  1. LF Licence

An LF License is required if you want to operate a Forklift Truck equipped with a mast and an elevating load carriage with fork arms (or other attachment).

The LF licence will allow you to operate any Forklift Truck, with no size restriction (excluding LO classified Forklift vehicles which require a separate LO License).

Forklifts covered under an LF License include:

  •   Counter balanced forklift truck
  •   Reach forklift truck
  •   Side loading forklift truck
  •   All-terrain forklift truck
  •   Truck mounted forklift truck

Once you have successfully completed the training course you can request a Forklift Licence (which will last for 5 years before requiring renewal).

Employment Opportunities for Forklift Licence Holders

Licenced Forklift drivers are in regular demand and this profession is on the rise.

This is largely due to continued growth in e-commerce and the number of industries that deal with building materials and heavy goods that can’t be lifted by people alone.

They are needed in a wide variety of areas and roles, such as (but not limited to):

  •   Warehousing and Storage for a range of companies (including large organisations like JD Sports, Amazon, DHL, etc.)
  •   Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics
  •   Shipping yard
  •   Airport Cargo Handling Agent/Freight in the container terminal industry
  •   Maintenance Fitter
  •   And many more

Benefits for Forklift Licence Holders

  Depending on the employer, work can often be flexible with options of full day, morning, afternoon or night shifts and optional overtime

  You can choose a job that is either indoors, outdoors or a mix of both

  Some companies will pay monthly bonuses on top of your regular pay if you reach set targets

  You will have good job security and plenty of advancement opportunities for your future career

SafeWork/WorkSafe conditions of assessment:

  • Applicants to be at least 18 years of age.
  • Able to produce and meet the evidence of identity criteria as per SafeWork / WorkSafe identification requirements.
  • Speak and understand English at a level to be able to participate in the training and assessment

Note: Verbal assessments can be arranged for applicants with writing and reading difficulties (extra charge applies)

Important Information

If a participant withdraws from a qualification/unit, with less than seven (7) business days notice prior to commencement, Kallibr Training reserves the right to retain the 30% administration booking fee.

No refund will be provided within two (2) business days prior to commencement. No refund will be permitted after course commencement or if a participant fails to attend on the scheduled commencement date.

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