1. Enrol into a course

First you will need to enrol yourself into a forklift course.

This must be done at a registered training organisation (RTO) who offer Forklift training. You can usually enrol online or by calling the centre.

2. Practical and theory training

You will then need to attend theory and practical training. This will normally take 2 days. (1 day for theory and 1 day for practical) Sometimes theory can be done online however practical training will always be completed face to face.

For more information on learning options click here

3. SafeWork NSW assessment

After you have completed your training and you are ready, you will need to complete your SafeWork NSW assessment. This will normally be done on the 3rd day. If you fail you can sit the assessment again. There will normally be a fee involved for reassessment.

4. Go to the Post Office

Once you have passed your assessment, you have 60 days to take your assessment paperwork, 100 points of ID and a passport photo to the post office where they will check your ID and send off your documents to SafeWork NSW. The post office will charge you a licence fee of $75.

5. Receive licence in the mail

SafeWork NSW will send your licence to your preferred postal address. You will receive your licence within 6 weeks. During this time, you are allowed to use your assessment paperwork as proof of your licence

Written By: Workplace Training Centre
Registered RTO 91390
High Risk Work training approved through SafeWork NSW