Driving a forklift is classified as high-risk work. Therefore, you need to be licensed to be able to drive one. Due to the risks involved in driving forklifts, regulations on obtaining a licence mean that you’ll need to do a training course first.

There is a clear process involved in getting your forklift ticket – below are some of the major steps involved in obtaining a forklift licence.

Step 1: Enrol for Training in A Registered Training Organisation

The safety risks associated with driving a forklift make it necessary to ensure that operators receive the best training. For this to happen, anyone who wishes to drive a forklift is required to enrol in a course in a registered training organisation. These organisations provide training following certain safety standards and rules.

Therefore, make sure the training organisation you wish to join is registered. Keep in mind that you cannot be licensed or certified to drive a forklift if you did not complete your training through a registered training organisation.

Step 2: Determine the Kind of Forklift Licence You Want

Forklift licences are categorised into two main classes. You need to evaluate your needs regarding forklift driving and understand the kind of licence you need before you enrol for training. The first class of forklift licence is known as the order-picking forklift licence.

This licence allows you to drive an order-picking forklift. This is a type of forklift where both the control and the load carriage move together. This is the type of forklift you will mostly find in warehouses.

Forklift truck licence is the other class of forklift licence. This licence will allow you to drive all the other types of forklifts that have a pair of fork arms on the elevating carriage and a mast. Some of the types of forklifts you can drive with this licence include all-terrain, side-loading, truck-mounted, and reach forklift trucks.

Step 3: Apply for a Licence

You cannot operate a forklift without a license, so the best way to get one is to do the training, get a statement of attainment on completion, and apply for your forklift ticket (licence) through your local WH&S regulator, for example, WorkSafe QLD.

On completion of your forklift training course, you will have to pass a written examination and a practical evaluation first before you apply for the licence. If you pass both, you will receive a notice of assessment and a statement of attainment. You then have to complete the evidence of identity, where you provide a range of identification documents.

How much does it cost to get a forklift licence?

When you have completed your forklift training, it is now time to approach your local workplace health and safety authority for the license processing. There is a small fee to get your licence too, then you’ll be issued with a plastic card as proof of your skills.

Are there any free forklift training courses in Brisbane?

At the time of writing, forklift courses may be subsidised by a Queensland government body called Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ), if eligibility requirements are met.

You can book and arrange your course through Kallibr Training (RTO 32365), and we’ll help you access funding to cover over half the cost.

Find out more on the Construction Skills Queensland site here, or give the friendly team at Kallibr Training a call.

How to book forklift training in Brisbane

Getting your forklift licence in Brisbane starts with a high-quality training course – and that’s where Kallibr Training can help! We use real equipment and real-life training at our large facility in Salisbury. Get in touch to find out more or book a forklift course online today.