Endeavour Energy, Unanderra

Endeavour Energy engaged the Kallibr Training team to deliver customised excavator training to 7 employees. Held over three days at Endeavour’s Unanderra site, the first day consisted of the theory component, and practical training took place with two smaller groups of trainees over days 2 and 3, after an initial induction on the new machine.

However during the course, our trainer Peter Richardson noted that this was not a standard excavator, either in type or in attachments. Several initial challenges had to be overcome to ensure the new machine was fit for purpose before being put into service.

Through Peter’s expert guidance and collaboration with the team, Endeavour Energy now has 7 staff trained and certified as plant operators, has developed a new internal induction program for this excavator, and has a list of safety improvements to action for their new machine.

Our Solution

“As this was a new machine we needed to start from scratch with an induction, quickly realising that this particular excavator had quite complex onboard systems. Working with the training manager who was also in the class, we recorded the time spent understanding the machine’s capabilities for each trainee, which was on average a 2-hour process per person.”

“The training manager now has some solid data to develop their induction procedure, which based on this training will be a minimum 1-day process.”

As part of the induction and training processes, Peter helped to highlight some key points that needed to be addressed before the machine was put into their fleet for operation. From minor issues like additional safety decals to the potential mismatch between the excavator weight class and the proposed attachments that would be used, Peter provided in-depth advice and suggestions to the Endeavour Energy team.

“All attachments needed data plates and tare weights, we were missing a logbook, and then there was the matter of the excavator’s size relative to its intended use. The quick hitch and rotator supplied may not be able to handle the 8-metre poles that the maintenance crews will need to move: this needs to be addressed before the machine is commissioned.”

“The Endeavour Energy team now has some solid information that they can take back to their equipment supplier to ensure the machine is fit for purpose,” adds Peter.

Endeavour Energy Unanderra

The results

Endeavour Energy is evaluating additional training sessions in the near future, with their staff inductions and internal training sessions now streamlined thanks to this ‘pilot’ induction program.

Plus, Peter’s extensive knowledge of excavator capabilities and safety issues meant our expert trainer could go above and beyond, providing advice on machine selection and ensuring safer outcomes for employees once the machine is put into service.

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Endeavour Energy Unanderra
Endeavour Energy Unanderra