An Elevated Working Platform (EWP) course or WP licence gives you the advantage of operating machinery in areas that are higher than 11 metres – platforms that your standard ladder cannot reach.

Elevated work platforms are commonly used on building sites, in warehouses and in a wide range of other industries to lift people up to the correct level to perform work.

Elevated work platforms include a range of different equipment, including vertical or mast lifts, scissor lifts and boom type devices such as cherry pickers. Whether you are a new or experienced operator, EWP training is essential for working on high-risk elevated platforms.

What equipment can you use with an EWP ticket?

Equipment you can operate with an EWP ticket includes any boom-type elevating work platform, including self-propelled, trailer-mounted and truck-mounted boom lifts with a height or reach of 11m or more within Australia.

And the best way to safely learn how to operate this equipment is to take an EWP course.

An EWP course teaches you how to:

  • Conduct routine checks on EWP or scissor lifts
  • Set up, operate, shut down, and secure EWP
  • Make the right assessment, inspect, maintain, and use fall protection equipment such as a harness
  • Operate various lifting equipment, including scissor lifts, any boom-type elevated work platform, trailer, and truck-mounted boom lifts with a height over 11m

Note: An EWP ticket doesn’t specifically cover working at heights, however this is available in a separate course.

Does an EWP ticket cover working at heights?

An EWP ticket doesn’t specifically cover working at heights: this is a separate course.

Naturally, working on an elevating work platform means you’ll be working at height at times, however getting your EWP license won’t automatically cover you for height safety work in different types of applications.

An EWP course will, however, make sure you know how to use some personal height safety equipment like a harness.

How much does an EWP Course cost?

It’s easy to get an EWP ticket – all you have to do is to apply and take the course with us at Kallibr Training (RTO 32365). Then, after successfully completing the course work, you can apply for a licence with your local workplace safety authority, and you’ll have your EWP ticket fairly quickly.

The course runs over three days and costs around $700 depending on location, and your plastic wallet licence costs around $100 from WorkSafe QLD or Safe Work NSW.

Why Is an WP Licence So Valuable?

There will inevitably be times where work needs to be completed at a greater height than a standard ladder can reach and when that height/reach is over 11 metres it can only be safely and legally achieved with a special WP licence.

That means holding that particular licence puts you at an advantage in your career for when this specific skill set is required.

It not only makes tasks easier, but enhances your employment and career opportunities. Plus, you aren’t just limited to a residential, commercial or industrial construction site. EWPs over 11m may also be required at large scale events in entertainment too.

With the right training to obtain your WP licence, you will be equipped with the nationally accredited knowledge, skills and safety compliance requirements to perform tasks that many others on site can’t.

7 Major Benefits of an EWP Course with Kallibr

Here’s a look at seven key reasons why an EWP Course with us can put you on the path to success in your construction career.

1. You’ll be more employable

Working with EWP at high reaches and heights isn’t something that every individual on a site can do – unless they have the appropriate training and licence first!

That gives you an advantage at your current or future employment in construction where there is often an inevitable need to work with EWPs, but not everyone will have the necessary skills or licence (unlike you!).

2. Increase chance of getting promoted

The greater your skillset, the higher your chances of rising up the ranks with your employer. Employers are always looking for employees who show an interest in increasing their scope of work and advancing their abilities.

Why? Because highly skilled individuals are harder to find than those that aren’t. Give yourself the best opportunity for promotion via relevant training and upskilling.

The best part is there is no downside, more skills can increase your chances of earning more money, finding ongoing work and so on.

3. Enhanced workplace safety

Every employer has a legal requirement and “duty of care” to do everything they can to ensure a safe working environment.

There is really no room for error when it comes to high risk environments and operating and overseeing projects that require the use of specialist machinery.

It goes without saying that you also can’t work if you’re injured! Once you have specialist training, you’ll be able to ensure a safer workplace for yourself and others – a non-negotiable for this profession.

4. Increased efficiency

Industrial engineer Allen F. Morgenstein famously said “work smart, not harder”. The key to this is utilising your specific knowledge and skills to enhance efficiencies in your working environment.

Once you are well trained in something, it becomes much easier and faster to do well.

5. Better compliance with laws and regulations

Without the relevant training, you may not be aware of the full extent of compliance at your place of work. Understanding relevant legislation and Australian Standards for elevating work platforms at height is essential knowledge for future employment.

An EWP course with Kallibr can fill in any gaps in your understanding which will enhance your day to day on site.

6. Doesn’t take long to complete

The course duration is just three days! The first two days combine a mix of theory and practical training. The third day is reserved for your mandated assessments, and once these are completed then you’re finished the course in full!

7. Nationally recognised

Upon successful completion, you will receive a Statement of Attainment, which is a nationally recognised certification.

Get your EWP ticket with Kallibr Training

An EWP ticket gives an advantage over others when looking for a new role or progressing with your current employer. Not only does it prove that you are trained and qualified to work with scissor lifts or EWPs but it also shows that you can keep yourself and your workmates safe on site.

Contact us today to get started.