High risk work like rigging, dogging and operating cranes and EWPs carries a lot of responsibility. Not knowing what you’re doing or acting in an unsafe way can potentially cost someone their life. That’s why it’s critical for teams to be properly trained by a registered training organisation in order to keep everyone safe on site.

But are all training providers created equal?

Finding a reliable and trustworthy training organisation can be tough because there are many RTOs to choose from. When you’re looking for a high risk work training organisation, keep these 4 key points in mind to help you narrow down your search.

What to look for in a training organisation

1. Are the trainers skilled, experienced and engaging?

When narrowing your search for a provider, note their level of experience, training, and accreditation and assess whether you think they can provide a positive, engaging, safe and fun learning atmosphere.

A great trainer can make or break your training experience. Look for professional trainers who are excited to share their knowledge and are great at delivering complex information in a simple and memorable way.

Kallibr Training (RTO 32365) has assessors with extensive industry experience in their chosen field. With backgrounds covering construction, mining, manufacturing, transport, utilities and communication, all our trainers are Certificate IV in Training and Assessment accredited and skilled at delivering vocational training.

2. Will you be able to use real equipment?

Learning in the classroom is one thing, but there’s no substitute for using real equipment to get a feel for what life will be like on site. Real equipment and real site conditions are what you get when you train with Kallibr Training. Whether it’s at your site or ours, our realistic training conditions prepare you for the best outcomes on the job.

Each training centre maintains a vast array of equipment – you can look into individual facilities here to see what your local centre

3. What is the course selection like?

You might have one specific course in mind, but signing up with a provider who offers a wide range of industry courses will give you an advantage if you look to do further training in the future. A large and established training organisation that offers high risk training, qualifications and short safety courses like yellow card training will make things easier and more streamlined for you to revisit the centre for additional training and expand your career prospects.

4. And finally… make sure the training provider is actually an RTO!

It sounds obvious, but it’s critical to ensure you sign on with a licensed and certified training provider. A registered training organisation (RTO) is a provider registered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority to deliver nationally recognised VET training and qualifications.

Registration by ASQA confirms that the provider is capable of meeting rigorous government standards and is permitted to issue nationally recognised qualifications like high risk work statements of attainment.

There are currently around 4000 RTOs in Australia, with a national online register showing a complete list of organisations. You can view this at training.gov.au. Kallibr Training is proud to be a long-standing RTO (provider number 32365).

Take a look at our range of high risk work courses

Signing up for quality training led by engaging instructors is motivating, enjoyable and provides a tangible boost to your career. Take a look at our range of high risk work courses here or call our team to find out more.