Visy is one of Australia’s best-known packaging and recycling solution providers, with business streams that cover everything from making cardboard boxes to complex logistics services. With such a wide range of offerings and locations throughout the east coast as well as internationally, the Visy team has a complex set of staff training and accreditation needs.

For their recycling services team, ensuring all relevant staff have up-to-date skills on common materials handling equipment is a key part of their commitment to safety.

The Visy team has worked with Kalibr Training (RTO32365) for several years to help them maintain their team’s skills and knowledge, delivering this training to a creative timetable to ensure zero downtime.

Our Solution

Every 12 months, the Kallibr Training team delivers a Verification of Competency (VOC) program for front-end loaders and forklifts.

Our accredited assessors attend Visy’s Brisbane site to assess competence, ensuring that each individual is compliant and has retained the necessary level of proficiency on the equipment.

Traditionally, conducting VOC for so many staff would mean hours of downtime with staff pulled off their regular jobs to attend sessions at a specific time. However, the Kallibr Training team has worked with Visy to deliver training in a way that works for them.

The results

Delivering training around three different shift times ensures that there is no downtime for staff, and no need to arrange for staff to cover shifts while their teammates are training.

From early starts to very late nights, Kallibr Training’s assessors can work with your organisation’s needs to deliver the right training at the right time.

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