Elevated work platforms are important for working at height but there have been many serious incidents where operators have been trapped or crushed between the basket and overhead obstructions such as ceilings, beams, structures, and fittings.

The most common EWP incidents happen when reversing, slewing, or elevating near an obstruction, or from unexpected movement of the boom near an obstruction. Boom type EWPs have additional risks because the boom elevates in an arc shape rather than straight up.

Some of the incidents are caused by:

  • Operators making an error when operating the controls.
  • Failure to observe (observing or identifying) a hazard in the surrounding environment
  • Operators leaning over the side rail of the platform while manoeuvring.
  • Uneven or slippery ground conditions.
  • Poor MEWP condition/maintenance.
  • Insufficient or complete lack of training and experience.
  • Working alone.

You must always conduct a hazard risk assessment before operating an EWP.