The Elevating Work Platform Association license or Yellow Card is an essential requirement for most careers in warehousing. It ensures that employees comply with the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) requirements.

According to the WHS Regulations, anyone who operates plant equipment must undergo training to use and handle different types of elevated platforms safely.

Let’s look at what a yellow card is and a step-by-step guide on how to get one in NSW.

What is the EWP Operator Licence / Yellow Card?

The yellow card is a permit provided by the Elevating Work Platform Association (EWPA). By definition, an Elevated Work Platform (EWP) refers to a mobile device that facilitates working in elevated positions.

License holders can safely work on Elevated Work Platforms (EWP) such as scissor and boom types, truck and trailer mounts, and vertical masts.

How to Get Your Yellow Card

1. Find a Training Organization That Offers EWP Training

The first step is finding a professional trainer with EWPA accreditation. This is essential to ensure that the training complies with the Accredited Trainer Manual and EWPA Code of Practice.

The trainer you select should have sufficient experience in the industry and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

2. Book in for a One Day Course

Kallibr Training (RTO 32365) is one of the best training institutions in the industry because we offer realistic training on real equipment under real conditions.

We offer professional training and assessment by accredited and insured instructors. Our one day course equips operators with the proper skills to work on EWPs, covering:

  • Hazard identification, risk assessment and controls
  • Identification of safe operating parameters using manual and data plates
  • Pre and post-operational checks
  • Inspection, fitting and use of fall arrest harness
  • Operation of various EWPs
  • Emergency procedures

3. Successfully Pass the Course to Get Your Statement of Attainment

The assessment has two major categories; a theory test and a practical examination that tests how to conduct a pre-operational check, setting up an EWP, proper usage, and stowing procedures.

4. Kallibr Training Issues you with a Yellow Card on Behalf of the Elevating Work Platform Association (EWPA)

Once you successfully complete your training, Kallibr Training sends the training records to the EWPA for approval. The EWPA emails you the license approval, and Kallibr issues you an EWP Operator License. The yellow card is valid for five years, after which the EWPA sends you a renewal notification.

To renew your license, you can either do an online assessment or you may need additional face to face training. If you have been operating EWPs regularly and maintained your practical skills, you will be able to complete an online renewal, however if your skills have lapsed you’ll need to complete another course to ensure that you’re up to date on any new safety procedures and regulations.


Working on elevating work platforms can pose a safety risk due to injury or damaged equipment. The yellow card protects you in case of an incident at work, showing you are trained and licensed to operate an EWP.

If your job requires you to work on EWPs under 11m, it’s essential to undergo training to get a yellow card. Get in touch with Kallibr Training today, and get your yellow card in NSW, QLD and VIC.