What do I need to operate a VLC? And what is the 10-metre tonne rule?

It can be a bit confusing when trying to figure out which High-Risk Licence you need to operate your vehicle loading crane (often called Hiab or crane truck) and that’s because there are a few licences you can use – and sometimes you don’t even need one!

However when this is the case you do still need training. This is where 10 meter tonnes comes into play.

If the maximum lifting capacity of the crane is below 10 metre tonne, you’re required to hold duty of care training such as a statement of attainment for RIIHAN307D – operate a vehicle loading crane.

If the crane can lift over 10metre tonnes it is a legal requirement to hold a High Risk Licence.

We will come back to which one shortly.

So, what is Metre Tonnes?

Metre tonnes refers to the lifting capacity of the crane, not the truck. To work out the metre tonne of your crane, you must do a simple calculation by multiplying the boom reach in metres by the lifting capacity in either kilograms or tonnes.

So looking at the load chart below, starting at the lowest boom reach, we are going to work out the meter tonnes at each configuration:

  • 5580kg x 2.15m = 11.997 m/t
  • 2845kg x 4.3m = 12.233 m/t
  • 1970kg x 6.1m = 12.017 m/t
  • 1490kg x 8.0m = 11.920 m/t

As you can see, this crane is over 10 meter tonnes at each configuration, however even if only 1 configuration was over 10m/t you would still require a High Risk Work Licence to operate it.

So, which High Risk Work Licence do I need for a Hiab or VLC?

The High Risk Work licence needed to operate a Vehicle Loading Crane over 10 metre tonnes is the CV. However, when it comes to mobile crane licencing, a higher class of licence will incorporate other classes. Refer to the list below.

  • (C0) – Over 100t (incorporates C1, C6, C2, CN, CV)
  • (C1) – Up to 100t (incorporates C6, C2, CN, CV)
  • (C6) – Up to 60t (incorporates C2, CN, CV)
  • (C2) – Up to 20t (incorporates CN, CV)
  • (CV) – Vehicle Loading Crane (CV only)
  • (CN) – Non slewing crane (CN only)

So, as you can see in the list above, you can operate a Vehicle loading crane over 10 metre tonne with a High Risk work licence class CV, C2, C6, C1 or CO.

With a CN, you are allowed to operate a non-slewing mobile crane and with the CV you are allowed to operate a Vehicle Loading Crane.

It’s important to note that a High Risk Work CV licence includes a Dogging component for the purpose of loading and unloading the truck – CV is the only licence in the list above that includes this.

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