Why Choose Safety Indicators?

Too many businesses are still managing their environment,
health and safety (EHS) using manual systems or dated,
incompatible technology. With Safety Indicators you can
simplify and consolidate the entire process resolving potential
issues before they escalate, more effectively mitigating and
managing incidents, and improving your overall safety and

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    Real Time Alert And Reports

    Get immediate alerts of any safety risks, and quickly produce + accurate, detailed reports to help you prioritise actions.

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    Manage Actions + Resolutions

    Optimise productivity and control by managing all your + locations corrective actions via a simplified dashboard.

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    Unlimited Users + Locations

    Optimise productivity and control by managing all your + locations corrective actions via a simplified dashboard.

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    Configured To Your Business

    Whether you operate a large corporation, non-profit, or small + construction firm, Safety Indicators provides a configured solution to meet your demands and help keep your team safe and compliant.

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    Quick Easy Inspections
    + Audits

    Forget paper-based audits or inspections. Manage all of your site audit activity digitally and store it in one central location.

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    Ensure Safety From Anywhere, Any Time

    This cloud-based software
    means you don t need to be
    on-site to stay on top of your
    safety. Manage incidents,
    conduct audits, produce
    reports, and receive alerts
    from anywhere.

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    Improve Overall Safety

    Safety Indicators combines real-time data, customisable trend reporting and advanced visual insights to help you prevent future incidents from occurring and reoccurring.

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    Training Education

    Meet compliance requirements and keep everyone in your organisation up to date regarding EHS with online training and education, as well as automated reminders for staff and managers.

    Ebook: How The Right EMS Software Protects Your People And Profits

    If you’re still using manual, dated EHS processes and systems, you could be missing a vital opportunity to improve safety and optimise outcomes across your organisation. Find out how. 


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