If you are working on a job where you are required to operate a hoist, you’ll need a high risk work license. Getting your hoist ticket is a straightforward process, you’ll simply need to undertake some training in Sydney, Brisbane or your local area.

Tip: Ensure you sign up with an RTO (registered training organisation) so that your training course is recognised by your state WHS authority.

How to get a high-risk hoist license

You’ll need to complete a course first, then apply for a license with your workplace safety authority (ie, SafeWork NSW, WorkSafe QLD or your local State authority).

There are a few different options when it comes to training courses to operate a hoist.

The term ‘hoist’ is a catch-all name for different types of equipment, so it’s important to know what you’ll actually be operating on the worksite, to ensure you choose the right training course.

Which hoist license do I need?

You can complete a training course and gain a high-risk license to operate 3 different types of hoist equipment.

These are:

  • A boom-type elevating work platform or EWP
  • A materials hoist, or
  • A personnel and material hoist.

Before you apply for the actual license to operate this kind of equipment, an RTO needs to assess your skills and knowledge under realistic workplace conditions.

The easiest way to do this is to complete a short course over a few days. Below are some of the courses on offer for those wanting a hoist license.

Need help with the licencing process?

Getting your license to operate an elevated work platform will mean that on the worksite, you can safely and responsibly operate an EWP with a boom length of 11 metres or more.

The training component is spread over a few days and covers safety topics such as understanding the risks and hazards involved, how to plan and prepare for the work, inspecting and prepping a worksite and using the correct PPE.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to conduct routine checks and equipment maintenance
  • How to set up & operate an elevating work platform
  • How to safely shut down and secure equipment when the job is complete.

You’ll need to complete the training, successfully pass an assessment, then apply for your ticket through your local WHS authority.

You can find out more about EWP tickets here. 

Materials Hoist Ticket

A materials hoist is used to shift building supplies, goods or scrap up and down a multi-deck building.

It is not used to transport people – it’s critical to have a ‘man and materials’ hoist ticket if you need to use a hoist as an elevator for workers.

With a materials hoist, the lifting bucket or platform is cantilevered out from the facade of a building, and it is typically set up to travel up and down the outside of the structure.

The typical subjects covered in a materials hoist training course include safety and OHS topics, along with:

  • How to accurately determine load weights
  • How to effectively raise and lower loads using cantilevered buckets, containers or platforms
  • How to conduct pre-start & shut down checks to keep you and your team safe
  • Learning about controls, alarms and lockout devices

Like the EWP ticket, this course can be completed in just a few days.

Personnel and Materials Hoist Ticket

This hoist license is the one to choose if you need to move both supplies and people up and down a multi-deck building.

A materials & personnel hoist moves workers and building supplies up and down the exterior of a structure, and the hoist itself is made up of machinery configured as either a cantilevered hoist, a tower hoist or a multiple winch setup.

In this course, you’ll learn similar skills to the materials only hoist ticket, with some extra training on how to safely move workers using a hoist.

The course topics include:

  • Safely determining load weights and operating the hoist when it is loaded with people and goods
  • Awareness of the limitations of the hoist
  • Ensuring hoist controls are attended at all times, and how to conduct an emergency lowering procedure

This course is available in Sydney, Brisbane and other locations – find out more here.

Not sure which license you need to operate a hoist?

Give our team a call to discuss the different options, along with pricing and course dates.