Types of scaffolding course and licenses

Erecting scaffolding is a critical part of any construction or refurbishment project where workers need to be up off the ground.
There is a wide range of different scaffolding systems and working platforms used on Australian job sites, but one thing they all have in common is that they must be erected by a licensed operator.
Here’s a rundown on the three types of scaffolding training courses – basic, intermediate and advanced.

What qualifications do you need for scaffolding?

All scaffolding courses conducted by a registered training organisation will teach you how to plan out the job, select and inspect the equipment, set up the task safely, erect the scaffolding and dismantle the equipment when the job is done.

You can move through the courses from basic through to advanced depending on where you want to take your career, however, if you’re working on any kind of scaffolding or platform erection jobs, you must hold a licence to do so.

Like many construction tickets, completing a course and passing an assessment is the first stage of getting your license – to actually get your ticket you’ll need to submit your statement of attainment to your local WHS authority and apply and pay for a license which is typically around $100 in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. Check with your local Workplace Health and Safety Authority for current licensing costs.

CPCCLSF2001A Basic Scaffolding (SB) License

This course teaches you how erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding at the basic level. This includes scaffolding work connected with the operation or use of:

  • modular and prefabricated scaffolds
  • cantilevered materials hoists with a maximum working load of 500kg
  • ropes and gin wheels
  • safety nets and static lines, and
  • bracket scaffolds (tank and formwork)

CPCCLSF3001A Intermediate Scaffolding (SI) License

The intermediate scaffolders course will teach you everything in the basic course plus scaffolding connected with the use and operation of:

  • cantilevered crane loading platforms
  • cantilevered and spurred scaffolds
  • barrow ramps and sloping platforms
  • perimeter safety screens and shutters
  • mast climbers
  • tube and coupler scaffolds (including tube and coupler covered ways and gantries)

CPCCLSF4001A Advanced scaffolding (SA) License

This training course covers everything in the basic and intermediate scaffolding courses plus additional training on the safe operation of:

  • cantilevered hoists
  • hung scaffolds, including scaffolds hanging from tubes, wire ropes or chains
  • suspended scaffolds

More information about high-risk licenses for scaffold work

To find out more about basic, intermediate and advanced scaffolding courses or any other construction tickets, give our team a call or email us for further information.