1. For individuals:
    a. at least 30% of the total course cost
    b. the gap payment (if the participant is eligible for subsidised funding)
  2. For corporate clients:
    a. approved purchase order has been provided. Alternatively, an application for a credit account can be organised at the time of booking.


  1. Kallibr Training does not hold places and course bookings are not guaranteed until payment
    has been received and/or approved purchase order has been provided.
  2. Course fees will be agreed upon with the participant prior to enrolling in a course. Where formal
    training agreements are entered into between Kallibr Training and an employer, fees will be
    included in the agreement.
  3. Kallibr Training protects the fees paid in advance by participants and holds an unconditional
    financial guarantee which covers the amount of the prepaid fee.
  4. Statements of Attainment will not be issued until all fees have been paid or a purchase order
    has been received by Kallibr Training.

Funded Courses

  1. All funding and incentives are determined and provided by relevant stakeholders and funding
    bodies including but not limited to State and Federal Governments.
  2. Funding and/or incentives available to assist in the payment of training Fees is ascertained by
    the funding body using specific eligibility criteria.
  3. Kallibr Training is not responsible for any student not being eligible for the receipt of such
    funding nor does the lack of funding negate the requirement of the participant to pay training
    fees as outlined by Kallibr Training. If a participant is determined to not be eligible for funding,
    the full cost of the course is payable to Kallibr Training.


  1. As a registered training organisation (RTO), Kallibr Training collects personal information to
    process and manage course enrolments and comply with our obligations as an RTO.


  1. Under certain circumstances, refunds may apply to participants who have paid the required
    training fees, but for certain reasons are unable to commence or complete the training program.
    The following applies:
  2. A full refund is permitted if the enrolment is canceled at least seven (7) business days*
    prior to commencement.
  3. No refund will be provided after two (2) business days* prior to commencement.
  4. No refund will be permitted after course commencement or if the participant fails to
    attend on the scheduled commencement date.
  5. If a participant withdraws from a qualification/unit, with less than seven (7) business
    days* notice prior to commencement, Kallibr Training reserves the right to retain the
    30% administration booking fee.
  6. Where a corporate client has a credit account and cancels a booking, with less than
    seven (7) business days* notice prior to the commencement of the qualification/unit,
    then the client shall be invoiced the 30% administration booking fee
  7. Should Kallibr Training cancel a qualification or unit for any reason, participants enrolled at the time of cancellation will be entitled to a full refund or can nominate to transfer their booking to a future date.


  1. Kallibr Training is obligated by law to collect USI’s to all participants completing accredited
    training and cannot issue a certificate or statement of attainment until the participant has a valid

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